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Who Are We

Aaron White

The idea for Walk Thru Plans was hatched by Aaron White. Up until college age, Mr. White spent his summers on a construction site building and working for his family’s construction business in Central Kentucky. Since then, he has spent over 18 years working around the world for major multinational companies within R&D and engineering management with experience in senior strategy and leadership roles.

As a Central Kentucky native, he wanted to build a new home for his young growing family. As with most families, this would be the largest financial investment his family would make. The fear of not getting it perfect and making the wrong design decision based on a small blueprint was terrifying. That fear was the inspiration for him to create Walk Thru Plans. He found that he wasn’t alone in his need, whether you are someone building a new home, remodeling an existing one, or opening a restaurant, eliminating the uncertainty and replacing it with confidence is part of our mission. For less than 1% of the building costs we can help you bring your dream to life.
Technology is best when it brings people together, and we strive to make the design and planning process fun again! Whether you are building a home, remodeling kitchen cabinets and bathrooms, installing a patio and pool, building a hospital, opening a restaurant, planning a wedding, or building playgrounds, we all have similar goals. Save money, save time, and gain certainty.

Our mission is empowering individuals and professionals to experience their plans through our innovative walkthroughs.

Our vision is to revolutionize the design, pre-construction and planning industries worldwide through the integration of our technology.

With our technology costing less than 1% of the building costs, Walk Thru Plans is an affordable and effective solution for everyone.

We are firmly centered around the belief that everyone deserves to have confidence in their design decisions and the ability to fully experience and visualize their space before any money is spent on construction.

Walk thru your floor plans. Any plan, Any size.

No more confusion, no more delay, let Walk Thru Plans show you the way


What our clients say about us

“Walk Thru Plans made my home renovation project a breeze! Their 3D floor plans allowed me to see exactly how my new kitchen and bathroom would look before I even started the construction process. Their platform was easy to use and their customer service team was always quick to respond to my questions. I would highly recommend WalkThru Plans to anyone looking to make home renovations.”

John T.

“I love Walk Thru Plans! Their user-friendly platform helped me visualize my home renovation ideas in 3D and their customer service team was always available to answer my questions. Thanks to Walk Thru Plans, I was able to create the perfect home for my family.”

Sarah T.

“I was hesitant about using a design platform for my home renovation, but WalkThru Plans blew me away with their intuitive platform and excellent customer service. I was able to create realistic 3D models of my home and experiment with different design ideas. Thanks to Walk Thru Plans, my renovation project was a success and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Emily W.

“WalkThru Plans was a game-changer for my business! Their platform allowed me to create detailed floor plans and 3D models of my clients’ home renovation projects. The ability to visualize designs in advance helped me communicate better with clients and ensured we were all on the same page before construction began. The team at Walk Thru Plans was incredibly helpful and always responsive to any questions I had. I highly recommend this service to any contractor or designer looking to streamline their workflow."

Mark S.